MPA Legacy

Malani Padayachee & Associates (Pty) Ltd, better known as MPA, was established on 1 July 1997 by Malani Padayachee-Saman, one of South Africa’s few professional female civil engineers. In 2022, we celebrated 25 years of excellence as a black woman-owned civil and structural consulting engineering firm, committed to providing professional services to clients with a focus on maximising customer satisfaction. After the acquisition of Mott MacDonald MPAMOT continued to provide sustainable and excellent engineering solutions to enhance the lives of all South Africans.

MPAMOT is proud of our ability to offer a diverse range of expertise. MPAMOT’s track record in various areas of specialty enables us to offer a comprehensive service to clients. MPAMOT strives to provide clients with superior solutions based on sound engineering principles.

As part of our ethos of helping to structure a better South Africa in the future, MPAMOT is cognisant of the role that our customers play in creating a sustainable solution and ensuring that local communities are uplifted in the process – through skills transfer, job creation, or preserving the environment.

Our legacy: a journey over time

Our legacy: a journey over time
January 1

Business Registered

In July 1997 Mrs M Padayachee-Saman Pr.Eng, founded Malani Padayachee & Associates(MPA), the 1st woman-owned and managed consulting engineering practice in South Africa.
January 1

KZN Office Opens

Malani, established MPA KwaZulu-Natal regional office with two partners, Mr P Narainsamy and Mr P Jaggernath.
August 2

Impumelelo Top 300 Emerging Empowerment Companies

February 1

7th Year Anniversary Milestone

To commemorate their 7th anniversary milestone, MPA hosted a multi-cultural gala event at Monte Casino, attended by 180 guests, including staff clients and business partners. The event showcased the diverse service offering of the organisation and the cultural diversity that is uniquely MPA.
August 1

National Library of South Africa

Completed the National Library of South Africa.
March 1

Sale of MPA KZN Office

Mrs Padayachee-Saman sold her shares in the MPAKZN office, which rebranded to MAP Africa, in order to focus on her young family and her Gauteng operations.
August 1

10th Year Anniversary Milestone

In celebration of the 10th anniversary, MPA hosted a brunch at the Johannesburg Country Club attend by staff and clients.
August 2

TWIB (Technology For Women in Business Achiever Awards) – 2nd Runner-Up

August 2

Hot Dip Galvanising Award (Overall Winner)

August 1

MPA opens KwaZulu-Natal Regional Office

MPA KZN regional office was opened, after not working in the province for many years.
January 2

Women in Engineering And Built Environment (WiEBE) Certificate of Achievement

January 2

EOY, Sanlam / Business Partner Small Business Entrepreneur of the Year Finalist

August 1

Working in Africa

MPA expanded operations and commenced working on the continent, with their first project in Zambia.
August 1

MPA opens Western Cape Regional Office

MPA opened Western Cape regional office.
January 3

WIEBE, Women in Engineering and Built Environment- Winner Company Sector

January 3

Women in Engineering And Built Environment (WiEBE) Certificate of Achievement

January 3

Africa Women in Construction- Industry Transformation Award (2014)

August 1

MPA Grows Exponentially

MPA grows exponentially and moves from a qualifying small enterprise to a generic enterprise in terms of their BEE status.
January 3

SAICE-SIKA 2016 Award for Environmental Engineering

January 3

CESA AON Engineering Excellence Award

January 3

SAICE National Engineer of the Year Award

January 3

17th Annual Oliver Top Empowerment Entrepreneur of the Year Award

August 1

MPA Growth

MPA rebrands to MPAMOT and acquires Mott MacDonald Africa, to be the largest women-owned and managed company on the continent.
August 1

2020 and Beyond

MPAMOT embarks on a journey of utilising local skills to transform the continent.

Motseng Women Investments (Pty) Ltd. is a newly founded women-owned investment entity directly affiliated to Motseng Investment Holdings (MIH). Founded by Ipeleng Mkhari, the goal at Motseng is to integrate Motseng’s women executives as owners and managers of the business. MWI was established to leverage the 20 year plus history of MIH in principal investments. With the depth and knowledge base from MIH, we are confident that Motseng will develop into a leading women-owned and managed organisation.

Motseng Women Investments

Motseng Awards

Motseng Investment HoldingsBest SMME by Black Business Quarterly2003
Motseng Property Services PMR Golden Award 2004
Motseng Property Services PMR Golden Award 2005
Motseng Property Services (Westgate Shopping Mall)Roodepoort Chamber of Business “Business of the Year” finalist2007
MOTSENG CONCESSIONS (IAPP)OR Tambo Building won a South African Property Owners Association design award 2010
Motseng Property Services (Pavilion Shopping Mall)Best Shopping Mall in the “Your Choice Awards” 2010
Motseng Property Services (Pavilion Shopping Mall)Runner-up in the 2010 “Times Retail Awards” KZN Shopping Centre Category 2010
Motseng Facilities Management (DPW Contract)Mahlamba Ndlopfu received three awards
Trophy Award of Excellence for “Best Turf and Maintenance” of the garden, Trophy Award of Excellence for the “Best use of Colour” in the landscape.
Gold Award -Overall Winner (National) - “Maintenance and Turf Work”,
House OR Tambo received two awards.
Bronze Award for “Maintenance and Turf”.
Bronze Award for “In-house Design & Construction” and upgrade of the garden.
2010 & 2011
Motseng Facilities ManagementPMR awarded 3rd Best Facilities Management Company in South Africa 2012
COMSERV SELMECWinners of the Vodacom CEO Award for Business Partner of the Year 2014
COMSERV SELMECVodacom Mozambique Safety and Service Excellence2018

Mott MacDonald

Mott MacDonald’s history in Africa stretches back more than 100 years, to the first heightening of the Aswan Dam in Egypt, when co-founder Sir Murdoch MacDonald began what became the company’s long association with hydro-electric power development.

Since then, the global engineering, management, and development consultancy has been continuously working across the continent, bringing power and clean water to communities, developing transport connections to support economic development, creating the built environment to support urbanisation, equipping young people with skills to succeed and combating poverty and disease.

Mott MacDonald has contributed to development in 40 African countries spanning energy, water, transport, buildings, communications, health, and education. The consultant has also played a key role in the growth of the region’s public-private partnerships and privately financed infrastructure, bringing internationally award-winning commercial and technical advisory expertise in addition to management and technical expertise.

Milestones in Mott MacDonald’s history in Africa include the expansion of its presence in the power market with the 2010 acquisition of South Africa and Botswana power consultancy Merz and McLellan, which first came to the region in 1910 and whose founders were instrumental in the creation of South Africa’s national electricity supply utility Eskom. This move enabled Mott MacDonald to provide a strong combined local and international resource offering engineering services for the transmission and distribution sector, all types of renewables, thermal generation, electrical and mechanical inspection, and nuclear power.

In 2013, Mott MacDonald acquired South African engineering consultancy PD Naidoo & Associates [which itself developed from a start-up engineering consultancy and through key acquisitions (GFJ, Siyenza, CBI and several others) became one of South Africa’s leading companies] and combined PDNA’s operations with its sub-Saharan Africa business to create a multi-disciplinary business providing design, implementation, and management services in sectors ranging from property and infrastructure, transport and water, to industry, mining, and communications.

As part of the ongoing evolution of Mott MacDonald’s involvement in Africa, its South Africa and Lesotho infrastructure consultancy business – formerly Mott MacDonald Africa – was acquired by MPAMOT on 3 August 2020. This transformation to a women-owned, local led business provides the South African operation with a strong base for continued growth. The global group and MPAMOT have a strong cooperation arrangement and will continue to partner together in pursuing infrastructure projects in Africa.  The Mott MacDonald contracting and the international development unit in South Africa continues. The parties will cooperate in helping develop social and physical infrastructure across the rest of the continent.