Our Executive Leadership

The high skilled, experienced, and professionally registered executive team is supported by a board and a range of advisors such as financial, business development, marketing, technological advancement, environment, social, and governance specialists.

We will continue to improve our operational efficiencies with a focus on long-term benefits, returns, and positive impact to our internal and external partners.

Malani Padayachee-Saman

As founder, owner and CEO of the first black, woman owned civil consulting engineering firm, Malani Padayachee-Saman distinguished herself as visionary entrepreneur, business leader, exemplary engineer, mentor and spokesperson.

She is committed to mastering technical complexities while striving towards superior service excellence, development of future engineers; as well as transforming the engineering and development industry through innovative practices and gender mainstreaming.

Her transformational vision and values are underpinned by sound governance and propels the company’s performance. This has set her apart as a first-mover in the industry. She has and continues to contribute to a number of platforms and forums.

“We are engineering and built environment professionals and must be recognised as a partner of choice. We are here to influence and harness the entrepreneurial and innovative spirit of South African professionals and ensure that they are contributing towards the development of the continent. It is a given that the infrastructure sector is recognised as a job creator and that their programmes require an integrated approach between the public and private sector. However, if we are not mindful in terms of crafting long-term programmes that are aligned to create sustainable work opportunities, we will be losing out on this opportunity. I, together with my team look forward to providing expanded services for all our current and future clients.”

David Gertzen
COO: Shared Services, Energy & Advisory

In his role as Chief Operating Officer of MPA, as well as his previous leadership roles he distinguished himself not only as technical advisor but also as operational and business development leader.

In the past three decades he led a range of infrastructure engineering, planning, design and contract, project management, Private Public Partnerships and institutional advisory projects and has been the Independent Certifier on various projects.

He also served on several boards, trusts and forums and has extensive governance experience.

“The combining of the technical strength of Mott MacDonald, MPA and Motseng provides us with a significant depth of technical experience in energy, advisory, renewables, transport, water and buildings, to service clients.

This with the professional engineering women ownership, asset and property management experience of MPA and Motseng, provides the sector with a unique firm able to meet infrastructure needs."

Our Team

The strength of MPAMOT is found in our more than 200 team members, who each bring unique skills, experience, and strengths that differentiate us in the industry. We also celebrate the significant achievements of our team, both men and women, who shared this journey of growth and discovery with us.

Our early career professionals have been and will continue to be actively involved in the direction of MPAMOT and their rapid adoption of the latest technologic advancement, programmes and systems that will enhance operational efficiencies in this, the Fourth Industrial revolution.

10+ years’ experience
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Graduate Degrees
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